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SAN FELIPE - 6th Caminata Contra Cancer

Catherine Nagy ~ President

Happy New Year to all our friends in San Felipe
and beyond! The San Felipe Cancer Society is
getting ready to have our 6th Caminata Contra
el Cancer on February 25, 2012. Will you be
joining us? It is our sincere hope that this year
we can register 500 walkers to join us from the
Arches to the Malacon. ALL the money raised
is kept in San Felipe to provide services to local
residents. For early detection, education, treatment
and follow up care.

We are currently working with the Rotary Club
of San Felipe on a grant application to provide
food supplements to ALL cancer patients in San
Felipe. This includes patients of Centro de Salud,
IMSS, ISSTACALI, and ISSTE (all government
clinics). We currently offer several other services
to these patients that are not covered by government
clinics. Some of the services will include a visiting
nurse who will be able to administer home health
care, educate families in how to care for their loved
ones and in the end offer hospice care.

We are looking forward to being able to move to a
larger facility some time this year and hope that by
reaching our GOAL of 500 registered WALKERS
we can DO THAT.

We appreciate all that our community already does
for our locals and hope that our walk will be part of
your participating in making San Felipe a healthier
place for everyone.

Registration packets are available from Juanita
at The Wash Tub, Linda at People's Gallery
and at the Salt Store located at the Plazita. We
encourage teams to compete with teams HOPE
average donations of at least $100 from each team
member- that brings a lot of extra dollars to the
Caminata……will you be a team member this

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