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TOUR - 2012 RV Caravans Begin

January 13, 2012 - Our Caravan was the first on the road as of January 4th and we are currently in Loreto, Baja Sur comfortably camped out at Rivera Del Mar. The group had a great excursion up to the San Javier Mission, I am really impressed that the road is paved to within 8 km (5 miles) of the village, the E-350 really appreciates this for sure! Our Fiesta night dinner in Loreto was wonderful, great food, great hosts and great music! The RVers with us are enjoying the Baja experience, some are thinking of dropping off, other now wish they had not made plans to return to the U.S. quite so early.

We believe this will be a good year for Baja this year in the RV world, we only have one (1) space remaining in our March 2012 28 Day Tour and have deposits on our November/December 45 Day Tour this fall. Our competitors also seem to be doing okay, John & Becky of Baja Winters appear to have almost sold out their longer January tour. As far as we can tell, Vagabundos del Mar, Casi Libre, Adventure Treks, Seabridge Tours and Adventure RV Caravans are all operating on Baja in the next 3 months. We are unsure if Fantasy RV Caravans which had an RV caravan scheduled for this season, is still proceeding. We do know they are advertising for next year. We have also met many 1st time Baja RVers and that is encouraging.

Baja is a terrific place for RVers to spend all or part of their winter, come on down!

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