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NEWS - Baja California Will Protect Foreigners

Baja California Will Protect Foreigners in Mexico
By Yolanda Caballero Jacobo I Baja Times

Playas de Rosarito - Bilateral Cooperation in Broadcasting the Rights of Foreigners in Mexico, is the name of the program that will allow the protection of the rights of foreign residents and tourists in Baja California. The presentation of this program took place in Rosarito, a tourist destination where more than 15 thousand Americans reside.

The event had the participation of the state's Justice Prosecutor, Rommel Moreno Manjarrez; Steven Kashkett, United States Consul in Tijuana; Hugo Torres Chabert; president of Image of Baja California Committee; as well as foreign residents.

What happens is that most crimes that are committed in this area are damage to property of others, traffic accidents, theft, and most of these take place during the December season.

The purpose is for (foreigners) to feel they are in a safe environment, said the State's Prosecutor, he pointed out that posters will be placed with information on the rights of foreign visitors and residents while they remain in the country.

There are times when they don't know what to do in a foreign country, the goal is to offer them the right information and assurance that all proceedings are to take place according to the law so they can trust they are being taken care of by professionals.

He maintained that some of the rights are: to be heard by the authority, have an attorney, and establish contact with their consulates.

There is a large number of Americans and the important role this government has is; first the safekeeping of Mexicans but always with courtesy and good manners as well as abide by international treaties and with that, the rights of foreigners.

He added that the border should not be an excuse for impunity, but in accordance with the coordination between authorities it has also allowed them to make arrests of criminals who try to seek refuge in Mexico.

"There is a permanent cooperation between authorities and this makes us be proactive on these subjects", concluded the prosecutor.

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