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NEWS - Debate Over 'World's Aquarium' And Resort Development In Mexico

One of the world's most interesting marine preserves sits off the coast of Baja California, not far from Los Cabos, in a quiet area called Cabo Pulmo.

But on-going development threatens the tranquil nature of the place -- and the protected environment that Jacques Cousteau once called the "world's aquarium."

"The question is, how do you manage the increasing number of tourists flocking here?" asks a new BBC report.

One local hopes the answer is not in large-scale tourism of the sort found in more popular Mexican destinations.

"What is Cabo Pulmo?" local Mario Castro tells the BBC. "A little village, very quiet in the night. We want to conserve it like this. I think that if people want to go to bars, to discotheques, they'll say, 'Oh, Cabo Pulmo is not for me.'"

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