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OFF ROAD - A Norra Race Team

Kay and Marsha Baja tour from 1-16 to 2-15-2012.

The main purpose of the tour is to raise funds for our race team ( and explore the roads where we will be racing through next April( and most important is to promote Baja as the number one adventure destination in the world by posting pictures and writing about our experience traveling in Baja.

During the month tour, Kay and Marsha will cover Baja from north to south with their 2 dogs (Dottie and Pokey) driving a 1985 VW camper van towing a motorcycle using the Bajauler (Kay's design). Camping in the van during the trip to save expences but will take a hotel room every few nights for showers and some civility.

We will concentrate our fund raising efforts in the following 4 cities: Bajia de los Angeles, Loreto, La Paz and San Jose del Cabo where the race will make its stops. Our target sponsors will be hotels, restaurants, bars and race related businesses.

The following is a our trip/tour itinerary

Ensenada, see some of our old friends, camp in Aqua caliente, soak in the hot tubs all night.

Lunch in San Quintin.
Camp in El Rosario on the pacific

Bahia of LA for 2 nights.
work, work, work

San Ignacio
La Mission

Santa Rosalio-Mulajee-Loreto area

La Paz

Los Barriles

1-28 to 2-7
Southern part:
San Jose del Cabo-Cabo san Lucas, Todos Santos

La Paz


Guerro Negro-Whale watching

Gonzaga bay

San Felipe

I will be happy if I got the opportunity to speak in your annual meeting, I would prefer to talk about the race team and the fund raising effort but I can talk about different other subjects. Let me know if you have something mind, thanks a million.

Kay Awaad

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