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TODOS SANTOS - 9th Todos Santos Film Festival

Traditionally, the Festival de Cine de Todos Santos has been dedicated to celebrating the creativity and innovation of the Latin American film. The ninth edition will take place between February 23rd and March 3rd in Todos Santos and La Paz. The event features over 25 movies from several countries in Latin America: Argentina, Cuba, Chile, El Salvador, and of course, Mexico.

The venue for the event in Todos Santos will be the Teatro Manuel Marquez de León, and in La Paz, participants can choose one of the two locations: the Galería Galería and The Teatro Juarez. The Festival de Cine de Todos Santos will be preceded by an event called CineParque. On February 19th, everybody in Todos Santos will have the opportunity to see the movie Enamorada (Mexico, 1949) in Parque Los Pinos. This classic Golden Era movie is starred by the prestigious actors María Félix and Pedro Armendariz Sr.

The festival comes with an auction that will fund the educational program “Youth in Video”. This is a unique program in Todos Santos which allows the children of the community to learn the ropes of filmmaking. In addition, children have the chance of producing a documentary that reflects their outlook on life. Participants to the auction will need to bid a minimum $1,500 to become the owner of a beautiful painting donated by the local artist Jill Logan. The painting called “María Félix, La Doña” is an outstanding representation of this important figure of Mexican cinematography.

The distinguished guest of the Festival de Cine de Todos Santos is Daniel Gimenez Cacho. Even though he was born in Spain, Daniel spent most of his life in Mexico, and over the years, he has starred in more than 50 productions in Mexico and Europe. His performance has brought him numerous awards, and over the years, he has become one of the most celebrated actors in Mexico.

The Festival de Cine de Todos Santos was founded in 2004 by Sylvia Perel with the sole purpose of enriching the cultural life in Todos Santos. Most of the support goes to female and young filmmakers who sometimes find it hard to make their voices heard in this industry. At the same time, the event is focused on condemning stereotypes, violent entertainment and domestic abuse, while encouraging cultural understanding and artistic excellence through film.

The detailed schedule of the festival has been announced on the official website Access the following link to stay up to date with any possible changes:

Please note that the movies are in Spanish, but they are subtitled in English. In Todos Santos, the tickets can be purchased from Hotel California (corner of Benito Juarez e/Morelos and Marquez de Leon) and the Bookstore El Tecolote (Calle Juárez at Calle Hidalgo). In La Paz, purchase the tickets from GotBaja (Madero e/5 de Mayo and Constitucion).

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