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RVs on Baja: How Big?

A very popular question we are commonly asked is "Is my RV to big take on Baja?" The answer is simple, no. The real question is how much experience do you have driving your RV on something other than an Interstate Freeway. Do you have the competent driving skills to negotiate narrow roads and mountain switchbacks? This means driving defensively and respecting the road conditions. The posted speed limit for most of Baja is 80kph or 50 mph. Some of the newer roads including toll highway have higher limits. There are many variables which can affect your speed including road construction, wind, rain, old pavement vs new wider road, traffic congestion and animals on the road.

We have seen every size of big RV on Baja including a Prevost and Mercedes Bus RVs, lots of 40-44' diesel pushers and 40' plus 3 axle 5th wheels. We have also seen every size of commercial transport on Baja including full size Buses and Tractor Trailers C Trains. At the end of the day any size of RV fits on Baja, it just depends who is driving it.

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