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RVing on Baja - Part One

What and where is Baja? Baja has always been Mexico’s frontier, not unlike the north in Canada. Even the Conquistador, Hernan Cortez who first arrived on the Yucatan Peninsula and eventually conquered the Aztecs never stepped on the Baja Peninsula until 1536. The 2 Baja States were the last to become proclaimed in the United Mexican States, Baja California in the north (1953), Baja California Sur in the south (1974). The Baja Peninsula has twice as much coastline as their northern US sister known as Alta California (State of California) with the Pacific Ocean on the west and Sea of Cortez on the east. The Mexican Federal Highway No. 1 (Hwy 1) was completed in 1973 and runs 1711 km (1061 miles) from the US Mexican Border to Cabo San Lucas. RVers have made this magnificent peninsula a snowbird destination since the highway opened, staying on beaches, RV parks, campgrounds and on the desert.

Why camp the Baja Peninsula? “The border between the US and Mexico’s Baja Peninsula is like no other border on earth. It divides two countries with huge contrasts in culture, language, wealth, lifestyle, political systems, topography and climate. Mexico is a fascinating place to visit and we think that driving your own rig and staying in campgrounds is the best way to do it. People from north of the border have been exploring the Baja for years. The trip became much easier in 1973 when the paved trans-peninsular highway was built. Today this paved two-lane road leads to unparalleled camping opportunities.”

Mike & Terri Church, Camping Mexico’s Baja 4th Edition -

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