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THINGS TO DO - The Baja Ferry

Jan. 2012 - Ferry service between the Baja Peninsula and the mainland was minimal and even discontinued up until 1999 when Baja Ferry, a private company, took the initiative and set up a route between Santa Rosalia and Guaymas. The route between these towns is considerably less significant and reliable than the other ferry system which connects La Paz to the mainland.

The ferry that departs from Santa Rosalia provides transportation for both people and vehicles. The trip is comfortable, and it lasts between 7 and 9 hours, depending on the weather conditions. People who intend to take their vehicle on the main land will have to own a vehicle permit and auto insurance. The best moment to obtain these documents is when you cross the border to Mexico.

Why Russians are flocking to Mexican hotspots


Canadian expat Kelly McLaughlin used to hear mainly English spoken by the sunseekers buying sunscreen, flip-flops and beer at the “tourist Wal-Mart” near her Cancun home.

Nowadays, the Toronto native hears other languages: Spanish, spoken with an Argentine accent, along with plenty of Portuguese, German and, increasingly, Russian.

The Russians are coming to Mexico in ever bigger numbers — and just in time to bolster a tourism industry dealing with an economic downturn and frightened Americans, who have been inundated with crime stories from south of the border.