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Hitting the Baja Waves!

Hitting the waves in Baja!
By Laylan Connelly / Source: OCRegister

The waves of Baja: I wanted to go longboarding at Las Gaviotas. But my desire to surf ran up against concerns about safety. In the end, no problemo

The T-shirt hanging on the wall at K-38 Surf Shop is about as blatant as it gets: "Cartel doesn't kill surfers."

It was a message that surf-shop owner Jacindo Garcia wants to get out to the surfers who once made their way down south past the border but who are now hesitant because of reports of violence by rival gangs that put a dead stop to tourism in the region for the past few years.

I recently took a surf trip down to Las Gaviotas, Mexico, where a beachfront-rental community that once bustled with business continues to struggle under the bad rap Mexico has gotten with violence near the border.