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Konsag Island - Sight to See

Konsag Island - 31° 7’ 0 N / 114° 28’ 60” W
Only a 45 minute boat ride from San Felipe sits Konsag  Island. This majestic rock formation juts straight out of  the sea and is home to a variety of marine wildlife. There  are a multitude of different species of birds as well as  seals and sea lions. Although the island is not accessible  by foot, a ride around in a boat should not be missed to view the spectacular sea life that makes this island home. This is also a good spot for fishing, but make sure to watch out the sea lions don’t steal your catch.

Named after Ferdinand Konscak or Konsang, a Jesuit missionary, explorer, and cartographer who lived from Dec. 2,1703 to Sept. 2, 1759. I n June and July of 1746. he was sent to sea to the head of the Gulf og California in order to investigate the disputed question of weather Baja California was an island.

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