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San Felipe's Award Winning Landscaper Versoleil Has New Team Member

Versoleil Landscaping Corporation of San Felipe is pleased to announce that they have teamed up with San Felipe Management Services and can now offer additional services to maintain your vacation home in top condition and always ready for your visits.

San Felipe Management Services has provided property management and maintenance services to San Felipe clients for over seven years. These services consist of :

1. Periodic inspections of the home to detect and resolve problems before they cause major damage. The inspections cover all aspects of the plumbing, propane, cistern, air conditioning and heating, cleanliness, water damage following rain storms, insect infectations etc.

2. Prepare the home for owner or guest visits by ensuring that the house is clean, the cistern, if you have one, is full, the linens and sheets are clean and ready for use, and the propane supply is adequate.

3. Perform air conditioning service as needed.

4. Perform repairs and preventive maintenance on the home as identified during the inspections and as approved by the owner.

5. Pay electric bills, other utility bills, and property taxes if desired.

6. Perform other services that require a person to be on-site in San Felipe.

Karina Ordoñez, who performed these services for San Felipe Management Services will now provide the same services under the VERSOLEIL-San Felipe Management Services banner. Karina is bilingual and is a full time resident of San Felipe.
Item 3 and 4 will be provided under the direction of Stan Shifflet, civil engineer, full time resident of San Felipe and has lived here for 14 years.

If you are interested in these services or want additional information please contact Karina at

office number 686 688 1777
cell phone number 686 165 72 90


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