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Museo de Historia de Ensenada

Last week I spontaneously decided to pull over at the history museum and finally go visit.  After 5 years and countless times passing in front of it, I finally committed myself to walking in and do a tour.  As I stepped onto the premises of the Ex-hotel Rivera (or vise versa), I couldn't help but grin and compare it to the name of "The Artist Formerly Known as Prince". His name used to just be "prince" and this used to be just a hotel. Why not just give it a new name? Maybe Rivera Cultural Center and maybe "Prince" can just go back to being "Prince" or the name his mother gave him. ...Luckily the entrance wasn't to distant and I quickly returned my focus to the history museum. I paid about 20 pesos, picked up the self-guided tour book and entered.

Loreto's Brewery El Zopilote First Anniversary Party

November 20th 6 PM

TICKET 100 pesos (beer+miniburgers)

WE WILL PRESENT OUR TUMBLEWEED - Zopilote Brewing´s newest beer. Brewed with pale Pilsner malt, wheat and oats, noble German hops and a hint of sweet Baja orange.

Enjoy the smooth and creamy flavour of our lightest and most refreshing beer! ABV: 4.90 IBU: 21


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Wind Scorpion of Baja

With a reputation nobody can envy, the wind scorpion is an insect spread across most arid places in the world, including Baja California. It is known under several other names: sunscorpion, windspider, sun spider, camelspider, and even deer killer or camel killer.

The rumors related to the viciousness of the windscorpion go back to the 2003 Iraq war. These rumors painted the picture of a huge insect that ran faster than humans. It was extremely poisonous, with venom that could knock out a camel. It became infamous for its voracious appetite, able to eat chunks of big animals or even people.