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Are You Protected from an Unexpected Medical Emergency Mexico?

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Are You Protected from the Unexpected in Mexico?
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2016 Baja Whale Tour

Experience the magic of the Baja whales of Ojo de Liebre in 
Guerrero Negro, tour the Saltworks operation,shop & sightseeing all of Ensenada. This is a Car-a-van tour, let us know if you will be Driving or Riding (share gas expenses); we will help pair riders with drivers. 

COST: double capacity (2 people per room)
Members: $175/person
Non-Members: $215/person

2015 San Felipe Shoebox Project

San Felipe Shoebox Project: Please bring or find shoeboxes for the Shoebox Drive Project to help the less fortunate children in San Felipe. Our mission is to ensure that every needy child in San Felipe has a gift this Christmas. With your help, we can accomplish this. More info contact

THANK YOU DEBRAH MOORE for all you work on this project.

All you need is a shoebox or similar container to fill with small gifts for a child. The ages for the boxes are as follow:

  • Infant to 1 year
  • 2 to 4 years
  • 5 to 9 years
  • 10 to 14 and older teen

Please specify if the gift is for a boy or a girl and that is all there is to it! Please wrap the top and bottom of the boxes separately and do not seal the containers so they can be checked and contents added if need be.

Pemex moves north, opens in Houston

It is the first of five gas stations it has planned for the city
Mexico News Daily Source: El Financiero (sp) | Thursday, December 3, 2015

The retail gasoline market will be open to all comers in 2018 when domestic and foreign competitors are expected to open gas stations in competition with the state oil company Pemex.

But in the meantime Pemex itself has made a competitive move of its own: today it entered the U.S. market by opening a gas station in Houston, the first of five it has planned for the Texas city.

More could well follow as the company embarks upon a strategic North American expansion plan to create more value.

Choral Pepper: A Baja California Explorer and Author

By David Kier

One of Baja California’s biggest promoters from the 1960s until her passing in 2002 was author Choral Pepper. Choral Pepper’s books and magazine articles kept her readers motivated and inspired to go outdoors to make their own discoveries. Those that could not travel were kept fully entertained by her writings.
My awareness of Choral Pepper came about from reading about her and seeing her in many photos in mystery novelist Erle Stanley Gardner’s 1967 adventure book, Off the Beaten Track in Baja. Choral and husband Jack Pepper wrote for and published Desert Magazine during the 1960s. One day, Mr. Gardner dropped in on the Desert Magazine office in Palm Desert, California, and invited the Pepper’s to join him and his crew on an upcoming Baja expedition. Erle Stanley Gardner explored the desert southwest and Baja California when he was on break from writing and reviewing scripts for the Perry Mason television show.

Concertgoers Can Get Amazing Hotel Deals

Plus Help The Rosarito Boys & Girls Club

One deluxe lodging package costs less than concert tickets alone

ROSARITO BEACH, BAJA CALIFORNIA, MEXICO---Those who attend the December 12th Mariachi Vargas performance at the Baja California Center will see one of the great concerts in the region’s history, and can also get amazing hotel deals and help the city’s Boys & Girls Club.

Dec. 12 at 8pm is when world famous Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlán will perform for the first time with a binational full symphony orchestra in a gala concert at the state-of-the-art Baja California Center, just off the scenic road in northern Rosarito.

PEMEX - The Facts About Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD)

by Aura Catalina, Baja Good Life Club Staff Writer
source: BGL Club - Nov 11, 2011

UPDATED - Dec. 3, 2015: See Below
Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) is the type of diesel fuel which has very low sulfur content. ULSD is more environmentally friendly as compared with Low Sulfur Diesel fuel (LSD). Starting with 2006, ULSD has been widely available across North America and Europe. This occurred because the countries from North American and Europe adopted new emission standards which involved extensive use of ULSD. Some countries from the rest of the world took similar measures while others lagged behind.

In 2004, a team of experts set up a plan which would substantially improve the quality of air in Mexico. The main recommendation of this plan was to have Mexico comply with the new emission standards already in use in many countries. Even though the Mexican environmental agency (SEMARNAT) stipulated that PEMEX should make ULSD widely available by 2009, it did not implement any new emission standards. As a result, PEMEX failed to meet the deadline, and ULSD can be purchased only in the northern border area, Mexico City, and Guadalajara.  

Starting with 2007, all Diesel vehicles manufactured in US have been designed for ULSD. There has been a lot of debate over the impact of LSD on newer diesels that run on ULSD. Many experts and owners agree that LSD does not affect the performance of the vehicle. The real issue lies in the fact that a person might lose their warranty for some components in case they use LSD on a ULSD vehicle.

The efforts of the Mexican government to make ULSD available have met with limited success so far. Owners of vehicles which run on ULSD can purchase the fuel in Northern Baja. Unfortunately, PEMEX gas stations located in Southern Baja sell only LSD fuel brought from the mainland. To find the stations with ULSD, look for the words "bajo azufre", which translated means “low-sulfur“, below the word "Diesel" on the gas station signage. 

UPDATE: 12/03/2015
ULSD (UBA) ultra low sulfur diesel is now available all over the northern states including Baja California Norte and Sonora. Nearly all stations in this region only carry low sulfur diesel and DO NOT carry regular diesel any longer.