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Pemex moves north, opens in Houston

It is the first of five gas stations it has planned for the city
Mexico News Daily Source: El Financiero (sp) | Thursday, December 3, 2015

The retail gasoline market will be open to all comers in 2018 when domestic and foreign competitors are expected to open gas stations in competition with the state oil company Pemex.

But in the meantime Pemex itself has made a competitive move of its own: today it entered the U.S. market by opening a gas station in Houston, the first of five it has planned for the Texas city.

More could well follow as the company embarks upon a strategic North American expansion plan to create more value.

Houston was chosen for its large Latin — and particularly Mexican — population and also because it is seen as a highly competitive market in which companies that are expected to be Pemex’ future competitors in Mexico are operating.

The company said in a statement that the Houston pilot project would allow it to measure the impact the Pemex brand has against others and identify business opportunities.

The new stations are to be operated by third-party franchisees.

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