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How To Buy Your FMM Tourist Card Online

  • Print out the FMM form in minutes
  • Online fee: $332 pesos - approximately U.S. $20 per person
  • The fee may be paid by Visa or Mastercard only (credit or debit card)
  • The FMM must be validated/stamped at an INM office at the border in these states: Baja California (Norte), Sonora, Chihuahua, Coahuila, Nuevo Leon, Tamaulipas
  • The stamped online FMM is valid for land travel throughout Mexico.
  • Requires a valid passport or passport card
  • After printing your FMM form, it must be stamped by INM within 30 days to be valid.
  • The FMM is free if your trip is 7 days or less and you are traveling by land.
  • May be issued for up to 180 days
  • All visitors are legally required to obtain an FMM to visit Mexico regardless of the destination and length of stay.
  • The same FMM may be used to enter and exit multiple times through any land border crossing in the state of Baja California. Therefore you may get an FMM for the maximum 180 day term available, and then use it to cross back and forth for an unlimited number of times during that period. The FMM may not be reused at ports of entry outside of Baja California, nor will you be able to reuse it for air travel from a foreign airport into any destination in Mexico.
  • The FMM does not have to be returned to an immigration official when leaving Baja California by land.
  • A new FMM may be issued consecutively after one expires. This means that there is no waiting period.
  • Beginning in 2015 Baja Bound had heard intermittent reports of increased enforcement of immigration laws in the northern state of Baja California. These are mainly directed towards U.S. and Canadian citizens residing in or visiting Mexico. We understand that there may be the occasional presence of officials on federal highways asking for immigration documentation. Mexican immigration officials have also confirmed visiting retirement communities in Baja California (Norte) checking for immigration documentation.
  1. If you agree, click the checkbox: He leído y acepto los términos y condiciones [I have read and I agree to the terms and conditions]
Online FMM form 
  1. Vía de internación [Mode of entry]Select the only option - Terrestre [By land]
  1. Punto de internación [Border crossing]Select the name of the border where you will cross*
    *Tip: If you are crossing from the Interstate 5/805 South at San Ysidro into Tijuana, the border crossing is called El Chaparral
  1. Fecha de llegada a México [Date of entry into Mexico]Enter date in this format day/month/year
  1. Fecha de salida [Date of exit]Enter date in this format day/month/year
Online FMM form
  1. Nombre(s) [First name(s)]
  1. Apellido(s) [Last name(s)]
  1. Sexo [Sex]:Select Hombre [Male] or Mujer [Female]
  1. Fecha de nacimiento [Date of birth]Enter date in this format day/month/year*
    *Tip: For USA, select Estados Unidos de América
  1. Nationalidad (País) [Nationality (country)]Select country
  1. País de nacimiento [Country of birth]Select country
Online FMM form
  1. Tipo de documento [Type of document]:Select either Pasaporte [Passport] or Tarjeta pasaporte [Passport card]
  1. Número de documento [Document number]:Enter your passport or passport card number
  1. Número de documento (Confirmación) [Confirm document number]:Re-enter your passport or passport card number
  1. País de expedición [Country of issuance]Select country*
    *Tip: For USA, select Estados Unidos de América
  1. Fecha de expedición [Date of issuance]Enter date in this format day/month/year
  1. Fecha de expedición (Confirmación) [Confirm date of issuance]Re-enter date in this format day/month/year
  1. Fecha de expiración [Expiration date]Enter date in this format day/month/year*
    *Tip: If you receive an error for this field, be sure to check if your passport's or passport card's expiration date is after the FMM expires.
  1. Fecha de expiración (Confirmación) [Confirm expiration date]Re-enter date in this format day/month/year
Online FMM form
  1. País de residencia [Country of residence]Select country*
    *Tip: For USA, select Estados Unidos de América
  1. Dirección de residencia [Physical address]Enter physical address
Online FMM form
  1. Motivo del viaje [Reason for your visit]Select either Negocios [Business], Otro [Other] or Turismo [Tourism]*
  1. Especifique motivo [Specific reason]If you selected Turismo for #1 above, next select the only option, Actividades de recreo [Recreation]
  1. Estado [State]Select the state will be visiting in Mexico
  1. Domicilio en México [Address in Mexico]Enter the address you will be visiting in Mexico
Online FMM form 
  1. Correo electrónico [Email]Enter your email address
  1. Correo electrónico (Confirmación)[Email]Re-enter your email address
  1. To save your information and move to the next step, click the blue button: Guardar [Save info]. If you prefer to clear your information and start over, click Limpiar [Clear info].
Online FMM form
  1. ¿Es correcta la información capturada? [Is the information you entered correct?]Select Sí [Yes] or No [No].

Online FMM form 
  1. Click the blue button, Enviar Datos [Submit Information] and you will be redirected to Banjercito's website to make your FMM payment.

Online FMM form
  1. To proceed, you must agree to Banjercito's terms and conditions. To agree, click the checkbox that reads Acepto los términos y condiciones [I agree to the terms and conditions].
  1. To continue, press Siguiente [Continue]. Otherwise you may go back to the previous page by clicking Regresar [Back].

Online FMM form 
  1. Review your information and click Confirmar Datos [Confirm Information] to submit.

Online FMM form
  1. Monto a pagar [Payment amount]
  1. Nombre que aparece en la tarjeta [Name on the credit card]
  1. Número de la tarjeta [Card number]
  1. Tipo de tarjeta [Type of credit card]
  1. Fecha de vencimiento [Expiration date]
  1. Código de seguridad [Security code]

Online FMM form
  1. Click on Imprimir Comprobante [Print Receipt] to print a copy of your receipt. This will launch a pdf version of your receipt.

Online FMM form
  1. After printing your receipt, click on the new button that appears: Regresar a INM [Return to INM's website].

Online FMM form 
  1. Click the blue button: Descargar solicitud [Download FMM form]
  1. Clicking Finalizar [Exit] will take you back to the beginning to issue a new FMM.

Online FMM form 
Online FMM form
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How To Buy Your FMM Tourist Card Online Source:
Click to view the online tourist card (FMM) application
For the latest important tourist card (FMM) updates visit: 2015 Tourist Card (FMM) Changes

Online tourist card (FMM) facts:
Step 1: Agree to the terms and conditions
Step 2: Entry Information
Step 3: Personal Information
Step 4: Passport or Passport Card Information
Step 5: Residence
Step 6: Trip Information
Step 7: Email Address
Step 8: Review your application and confirm the information is correct
Step 9: Submit your information to continue to make your payment
Step 10: Accept Banjercito's Conditions to make your payment
Step 11: Confirm your personal information
Step 12: Enter your credit card information on Banjercito's website
Step 13: Payment confirmation
Step 14: Important: Return to INM's website
Step 15: Print your FMM from INM's website
Step 16: Take your FMM form to the INM office at the border when you cross for the official stamp.

The Mexican government has recently unveiled an online application to obtain a tourist card (FMM) before crossing into Mexico by land. At this time the online application is only in Spanish, however we have created the following guide and courtesy translation into English. After filling out the application and making your payment, the tourist card (FMM) may be printed out from the convenience of your home or office. The printed tourist card (FMM) will need to be officially stamped by an INM official at the border to be valid.

Courtesy translation of the terms and conditions:
General Requirements
The FMM applicant shall have a valid and in force passport or passport card in accordance with the regulations of international law and have a minimum of 6 months of validity period.
The applicant knows that the Passport Card may be used only at border crossings by land and to visit the border strip; it cannot be used to travel to the interior of the Mexican Republic or used for international travel by air.
The applicant shall fill out the required information in the FMM application form, as it appears in his/her passport.
The applicant acknowledges under penalty of perjury, that the provided information and documentation are truthful. Therefore, we inform you that in case of falsifying information, it may be penalized pursuant to applicable legal provisions.
Conditions of the online Multiple Migration Form
The Multiple Migration Form may be obtained on-line through the Institute’s website, foreigners who come into the country by land, through the places assigned to international transit of people.
The applicant acknowledges that the stay status that he/she will obtain by entering the information shall be that of a visitor with no permission to carry out paid activities.
The applicant acknowledges he/she is aware that the FMM has a maximum validity period of 180 calendar days and he/she will be able to use it for only one entry.
The applicant acknowledges he/she is aware that the validity of the FMM will start counting as of the stamping of the migration stamp, provided he/she qualifies to enter Mexico.
The applicant will print the FMM and shall present it at the people international transit place, through which he/she wants to enter.
The applicant acknowledges he/she is aware that the fee payment, to obtain the stay status, does not guarantee his/her entry to Mexico.
The applicant shall present his/her valid and effective passport or Passport Card, as well as the FMM at the time of the request of entry.
Agree to their terms and conditions to proceed.
Datos de ingreso [Entry Information]
Datos personales [Personal information]
Documento de identificación [ID (Passport) Type]
Lugar de residencia [Place of residence]

Información de viaje [Trip information]

Correo electrónico [Email]

The beige box that appears reads:
Important: The migration authorities can not modify any information given by the applicant, therefore, any applications that contain incorrect information will be invalid. Any errors in the issued migratory form that have resulted from incorrect information in the application will be the responsibility of the applicant.

Pago de la solicitud [Application fee]
The blue box reads:
In order to submit your application, it is necessary to make the corresponding payment. Once you submit the application, you will be redirected to the Banjercito website.

Pago de Derechos por Servicios Migratorios [Immigration Services Fee]
Now you have been redirected to Banjercito's website to make your FMM payment. At this time we do not have a courtesy translation for Banjercito's terms and conditions.

Enviando datos para realizar pago [Enter payment information]
Blue text above the credit card fields: Asegúrese que la tarjeta de crédito con la cual va a realizar el pago no esté vencida y tenga el crédito suficiente para realizar el pago.[Make sure that the credit card that you will be using to make the payment has not expired and that you have sufficient credit available to make the payment.]
Credit card field translations:
Blue text below the credit card fields: Le recordamos que sólo se aceptan tarjetas de crédito de Visa o Mastercard nacionales o internacionales, únicamente si su banco le permite realizar este tipo de transacciones. [Only national or international Visa and MasterCard are accepted, and only if your bank permits this type of transaction.]

Pago aceptado [Successful payment]
Le informamos que su trámite fue concluido con éxito, agradecemos su confianza. [Your payment was successful, thank you for placing your trust in us.]
Favor de imprimir su comprobante de transacción que contiene la información registrada e indicaciones importantes. [Please print your receipt which contains the registered information and important instructions.]


Obtener Forma Migratoria Múltiple [Get your FMM]

Example of where the INM office is located at El Chaparral (San Ysidro/Tijuana)
Have a fun trip!


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