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Are You Protected from the Unexpected in Mexico - Q & A

Are You Protected from the Unexpected in Mexico?
Baja Good Life Club International Medical Protection

The Global Health Plan for BGL Members is for catastrophic health protection. The Global Health protection is now at an affordable cost for BGL members to provide peace of mind in the unforeseen event of a major illness, cancer, and the associated conditions listed on the plan overview. We are providing peace of mind in the event of a Catastrophic illness or manifested medical condition. The premium is ONLY $2,589.76 annually (as of Dec. 2018). Equals to about $216.00 a month (Premiums are paid semi-annually).

Questions and Answers below: (more as they are asked...)

Q: Are there any status requirements or limitations to qualify for the insurance policies?
A: Application attached is required to be submitted for underwriting review*

Q: Is the air evacuation to a country or nearest medical facility for care?
A: Air Ambulance $50,000 USD per insured per Policy Year to the closest 

Q: Are the premiums fixed or do they go up every year? if they do, is there a cap on increases?
A: With Health Coverage we tend to see an increase in premium annually. The great thing about Group Health plans is that the risk is spread based on the average age of the group members. We see very small increases in premium with this group plan.

Q: Looking at the catastrophic policy, are there any catastrophic conditions NOT covered? If, for example, you were taken to a hospital that cannot treat a particular condition, would the air evacuation or ambulance be covered to a facility that could address that condition?  Do you ever do hospital reviews or recommendations for Baja facilities?
A: The best answer to this, is to review the covered items in this below, is what the coverages include. If you do not see it listed, then it will not be covered as this is a Catastrophic health plan.

Q: If I fall off a ladder and break my back, am I limited by the policy to $50K USD per Insured per Policy Year?
A: Correct

Q: Is the $3000 annual deductible per person, or per policy?
A: After the deductible  100% is covered by Best Doctors

Q: Are all doctor visits out of the USA to be paid in full by us until the deductible has been reached, or is any portion of the visit reimbursable? 
A: Only doctor’s visits associated with the conditions listed in the benefits will have coverage.

Q: How does a person get reimbursed? 
A: There is a claim form to be completed providing proof of medical treatment which will be submitted direct to Best Doctors. This will all be outlined in the packets received by each member once coverage is initiated.

Q: The Prescription Medications coverage; is that for any medication a person is taking now or after a new visit?
A: Dr. Prescribed after the plan is in effect and not for over the counter medications

Q: Is the Prescription Medications covered labels or generic?
A: Members choice up to policy limits.

Q: We live 8 months out of the year in Baja...Does this insurance cover the Hospital called Almater in Mexicali? 
A: Yes - Outside of USA it is your free choice of hospitals and physicians. 

Q: What facilities are available in San Felipe in the event of a medical emergency like a heart attack? 
A: San Felipe has the ability to stabilize and get the patient to Mexicali.

Q: Would it be necessary to run to Mexicali under these circumstances?
A: Yes

Q: How do I sign up for BGLC - Best Doctors Medical Insurance?
A: Sign up today and answer the 2 question application for each person applying - Open and Print

Q: Are all doctor visits (associated with conditions listed) out of the USA to be paid in full by the insured until the deductible has been reached, or is any portion of the visit reimbursable? 
A: The 1st $3,000 is the member responsibility (Deductible). After the $3,000 has been paid by the member towards qualified medical expenses (associated with conditions listed) then Best Doctors will pay 100% to any facility outside the United States.
 ***If the Member is in the USA then members will need to use the Ultimate Care Network. (See Attached Ultimate Care Network of hospitals)

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