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Mexican Revolution Movement with Emiliano Zapata

Location: Ensenada, Baja California

“Si No Hay Justicia para el Pueblo, que no haya paz para el Gobierno.” If there is no Justice for the People, then there won’t be peace for the Government”.

Is it a commercial propaganda, a tourist attraction or a symbol of an anonymous revolutionary movement? Maybe a little of each…

A Revolutionary movement can be something arising from a need and causing a dramatic change.  The sculptor's first piece happens to be the ultimate image of Mexican revolution: Emiliano Zapata.  
In front of Ensenada’s famous Hot Fox Night Club is a heart and across the street are 2 Zapatas staring at its direction. Are they staring at the heart of the problem within the city? What is the artist depicting with these statues?

On another street is a Zapata staring at a church. In 2015, a huge political scandal made international newswhen well known government and high society people took a photo with"Nico" (Nicolas) a mentally ill man wearing a rope around his neck. There is a sculpture with a tribute to that incident near the location of where the incident took place.
The first head bust located in the city was placed there as a conscience revolution art peace indicating the potholes on Third Street.
If you look closely at the sculptures the heads are facing in certain directions they as if looking at certain buildings and at certain things with the intention to bring public awareness of something bigger going on in the city.  At first glance, the sculptures seem to attract you to look at them, but once you turn your head to see what Zapata is looking at, it brings something else you attention. And that is where the revolutionary part comes in.  He faces, strip clubs, pot holes, and religious infrastructures.

And the art sculpture revolution trail becomes much meaningful. Just like the revolution it is representing, the art starts to take shape and form into impressively bigger and more significant forms like hearts in different shapes, torsos with different mediums and textures as well as colors.   
Unfortunately, some revolutionary movement lose focus on what is important and where there goal is heading.  As the weeks pass, more sculptures are now bombarding the streets and don’t seem to have a meaning.  There is one on in front of the Wendlant Brewery.  When I asked the artist about the meaning behind that sculpture, he indicated it was more of a favor for a friend.  Has the activist-artist sold out to commercialism?  On one particular street new sculptures have been placed and appear to look like zombie images staring at each other yet one is gray and basic inform and the other has color and white dots.  I asked the artist about this piece and he said that he was creating “a new concept”. 

When I asked to take his photo, he humbly declined stating that he would prefer his art to remain the focus.  

If you’re wondering about being purchasing this side street revolutionary manifesto for your mantle; you’ll have to keep waiting.  While he replied, "No", I think maybe it will just have to wait and see... After all an artist like all rebel/Zapatista-like leaders need sponsors to fund their revolutionary movement. 

Currently most sculptures can be found on near the Hot Fox on 2nd and Third Street in zona Centro.  But city officials say they will be taking them down as they appear to be invasive and a street hazard.

A huge heart is located on "the costero" in front of the Wynlandt bar next to Starbucks.

Art sculptures creator: Hector, prefers to stay low profile...


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