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Rosarito on the Cheap: Mi Casa Supper Club

Rosarito on the Cheap: Mi Casa Supper Club - Fine dining without breaking the bank
By Sandy Eddahbi / San Deigo Red
Photos by: Sandy Eddahbi

This is my first article for San Diego Red. I am creating a column called, "Rosarito on the Cheap." Up to now I've had a blog on Facebook called Baja Restaurant Scene. I've also been doing a restaurant tour in Rosarito, where I take 50 to 80 people to try different restaurants each month.

Let me say, without a doubt, I love Baja. It still has the untouched beauty of the Pacific, the people are incredibly friendly, the variety of dining options are affordable and there is a wine valley close at hand! What more could I ask for? And in addition to all that, I now have a second career that I slowly inched my way into. Life is good!

For my first article, you might think I would choose the least expensive restaurant having the title Rosarito on the Cheap, but cheap to me also connotes value rather than just "low cost". Too many times, people exclude the use of fresh ingredients, food safety preparation, and comfort, just to say they paid the least amount for food. I also place value on a restaurant that doesn't just pull things from the freezer to reheat them before throwing them down on a plate.

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