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A Place and A Way of Life in Rosarito

One man's side job is whole town's favorite taco stand
By Sandy Eddahbi  /  Sunday, May 1, 2016

You will find Tacos and Beer off the beaten tourist track of Rosarito. It is unique in that it is actually on the ocean, so you will need a little guided tour to find this haven. When you find the Waldo's in the center of town turn west. Take this street all the way down to the beach. Make a left turn on the last street and continue down the block til you find Tacos and Beer.
This is not a fancy place. You will sit on a high stool in front of the counter or walk across the street and eat on the sand. Don't be put off, as It's definitely worth the trek. The seafood is fresh daily and the price is right, while the cleanliness of the place is striking.
I had heard about Tacos and Beer, but had not taken the time to find it. Once I did, I began with the shrimp quesadilla on my first trip and Wow! Get it cooked on the grill with the flavor of fresh garlic. The shrimp is plentifully served on a flour tortilla with mozzarella cheese, fresh cabbage, and pico de gallo, asking for extra cilantro too. Love that flavor, and for $55 pesos you can not beat this meal. That is just over $3.00 in U.S. dollars at the current exchange rate.
You can get carne asada tacos here, too, for $18 pesos. I tried it, but quite honestly, the beef was more on the tasteless side. The beef was plentiful, but definitely devoid of any spice or grilling flavor, so I would say the seafood is definitely the star.
They are just in their third year of business, and this is actually a sideline for Alfredo, the owner. His main business is building houses in this neighborhood, building Tacos and Beer with his own hands. He came up with the name from the famous Rosarito night club, Papas and Beer.
Alfredo has been in Rosarito for 15 years now, a native of the San Gabriel Valley in California. An electrician by trade, he changes his occupation from time to time. He has worked as a car mechanic here and also a chef in a local Japanese restaurant, where he learned the ins and out of the restaurant business. He keeps some items on his menu from his days working in the Japanese Restaurant. He makes shrimp tempura and yakitori dishes in addition to his Mexican cuisine, and even fresh fish and chips on the menu for $120 pesos, or $7, a very good deal.
In the summer, this place is packed. Besides from the restaurant they rent tents, chairs, and tables for the beach goers and have an ice cream stand for children, with well kept restrooms. If you are looking for a clean, quiet, safe beach in Rosarito, without the crowds, this is the place to come.
This is one of Rosarito's best kept secrets up until now. Check out the menu that I have included below. The times I have been here, the other diners have been more like groupies that have staked this place out and visit it time and again. I will be back.5 to 6 types of beer here at any given time. They all come in at $35 pesos.
Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. Daily hours are 8 a.m. (for breakfast) to 5 p.m. You can also find Sandy Eddahbi's articles in the Baja Times, her facebook blog - Baja Restaurant Scene, and more at San Diego Red

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