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6 Great Coffee Cafe's in Ensenada

6 of Best Places to Drink Coffee in and near Ensenada

Just like craft beers and artisanal wines have entered the scene at this coastal city so have coffee houses and coffee carts.  I’ve put together a list of my top places.  For me, service has to be as good as what they are serving.  So the places I picked are based on service attitude, cleanliness, and a really well poured Café Misto (half coffee [not espresso] and half regular milk [usually steamed] and 2 regular sugars). 

6. Zu Taza- In zona centro de Ensenada.
They have two locations within 5 minutes of each other. Both places have ample sitting for hanging out and with free wi-fi, you can’t go wrong.  The
service is great, but it’s just coffee, tea and light lunch or basic pastry items.  Kind of reminds me the Coffee Bean and Tea.

5. Hacienda Coralito- El Sauzal.
They have a location in zona centro of Ensenada, that I haven't been to yet.  I enjoy the one in El Sauzal, plenty of parking.  This place is a full-on restaurant so I recommend pairing the Café de la Hoya with some fruit and waffles stacked a mile high.  Since they have a high volume of clientele the regular coffee is always fresh. Serve is very friendly and you can usually find the owner there sipping a cup of joe or on the griddle warming up the complementary "sopes".
4. Cafecleta- San Antonio de las Minas.
Mr Felipe is a one man coffee house on wheels combining the words Café and bicicleta.  He usually has a few seats for those who want to stay and chat with him. He is extremely knowledge of coffee, from where it’s grown to the roasting methods used. He is on the super highway that known as La Ruta del Vino.  With the Alfresco seating shaded by his bike umbrella and beautiful vineyard view, this is a must stop place on your winery visits. He’s located just passing Hotel Fatima on the right side.
3. De Volada Café- Valle de Guadalupe.
When the morning fog begins rising, this is a perfect place to enjoy your nice warm brew.  They are also usually open late during summer months, making it a comfortable spot to drink some coffee after a long day of wine-tasting.
2.  Estacion Uno- Por La Hormiga –El Sauzal.
This place just recently opened. My kids lovingly refer to it as a “fancy oxxo”.  But it is so much more than a grab-n-go burrito and bagel shop. They have a food truck that delivers inexpensive meals with flare.  The menu changes daily, so you can check social media sites for daily lunch specials.  The staff and owner are very friendly and accommodating with substituting meal orders.  The daily coffee is made in small batches to remain fresh and flavorful.  This place is so new, that I had already finished writing my article when I came across it and had to add it in somehow.

1. Breve Café- Zona Centro.
The original location is located adjacent to the strip bar “Hot Fox”, this place is so small that you can miss it even if you are walking.  If you arrive after 8am, you run the risk of the cops honking at you to keep driving since they only have a small one-car parking spot. There is no need for wi-fi since there are only 3 bistro stools too uncomfortable to sit on while you enjoy your warm drink.  So with a place that has so much negativity against it, you know that the coffee has to be so good that it is worth the drive and the honking.  
After 2 visits Daniella will most likely have your order memorized and Luis has an incredible ability to be very consistent with drinks- he puts the green mermaid to shame.   And now with a second location that just opened in Ceart Museum (next to ex-hotel Rivera), lots of parking, comfy seats, strong wifi and friendly staff smiles; there are no excuses on not trying this place.   The baristas at the Ceart Museum location also shine. The morning barista does a spectacular show stopping drink she calls El Lechero a tribute drink she creates similar to the ones only served in Veracruz. 

If you stop by at any of these places and see what appears to be a grown-up doodling on coffee cup sleeves, and glancing thru email. It’s most likely me. Feel free to say “hi” and let me know if you have any good coffee place recommendations.

By Liz P.  / Originally Posted: Aug 2016 / BGL Club Original 

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