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La Vaquita Awareness Day!

This is a day JULY 9th; is the day to grow awareness to the plight of the Vaquita.

 - There are only 60 left in the world -

Indigent to Mexico the Vaquita live in the northern waters of the Sea of Cortez. They are innocent victims of poachers who use gill-netting to catch the Totoaba, a fish whose bladder is sold on the black market for upwards of $10,000US. Totoaba bladders are used by the Chinese as a treatment for fertility.

“What’s driving the extinction of the Vaquita is the same thing driving the extinctions of so many other endangered creatures: Chinese hunger for the organs of rare animals alleged to possess magical powers, most frequently, as with the horn of the rhinoceros and the penis of the tiger, those alleged to restore virility to aging Asian wangs.”    Read this
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The ecosystem of the ocean impacts the local economy of the people of small fishing villages like San Felipe who use the sea for their industry. The government has put a two year hiatus on fishing and has given the fishermen money not to fish.

Concerned citizens of San Felipe have formed the “Friends of the Vaquita Action Committee”.

They join forces with international conservation groups who have designated July 9th as “Save the Vaquita Day”.

Let’s join the international effort to save the Vaquita!

“Indifference to what is happening around us is the biggest problem we have in Mexico.”

Help save the vaquita!

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