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2016 Best of Baja Nominations OPEN

Best of Baja Nominations!! YOU ONLY HAVE 2 DAYS LEFT! The 10th Annual Best of Baja Nominations are OPEN! Cast your nominations for your Best of Baja 2016.
*The top three candidates in a category have to receive a minimum of 5 nominations.

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Yetmail Immigration Serices

Yet Mail, Etc.
Offers MORE Than Just Mail Services

Yet Mail, Etc. would like to remind you that if you get your FM3’s at the Mexican Consulate, you only have 30 days after it is stamped at the border to open an FM3 file at the Immigration office in San Felipe, or you will have to start the process all over again.
For FM2 renewals, immigration in San Felipe is asking for the last three copies of your bank statements and a Bank letter with the amount of $2,500 for two people or $1,600 for one person. For your FM3 and FM2, you need proof of address in San Felipe (electric, water, phone bill or property tax receipt), but they have to be under your name. You need to start your FM3 renewal at least three weeks before expiration date; after the due date you will be fined.

The Baja Walk 2012

The Baja Walk 2012
On May 12 of 2012, Sixx and Rachel Pack embarked on the journey of their lives. The Baja Walk in 2012 was a great adventure that you never would expected. The rugged terrain, the harsh weather, the unexpected hardships – they all contributed to an outcome neither of them could have ever anticipated. The most astonishing occurrence was related to Sixx’s health. Even though he had always been an avid hiker, he was caught by surprise when the injuries made by the car accident he had in his 20s came back to him. This was caused by his heavy 80 lbs. backpack which was later on replaced with a cart. See photos from start to finish...

Baja Calendar / Calendario is Here!

We INVITE ALL to promote your event or activities in Baja anywhere from the Border to the Cape. Help build the biggest and BSET Baja Calendar called Calendario.

Click the link below and use the form to submit your event and get publishing access to the calendar. Request access to the Baja Calendar and have access over all your own event posts.


911 in Mexico

Source: Mexico News Daily | Saturday, November 14, 2015

An emergency? 911 will be the number to call; one single number for all emergency calls was announced last November by President Enrique Peña Nieto as one of a series of measures in response to the Iguala-Ayotzinapa events of September 26 and 27. At the time it was to be 911. But last April the federal Chamber of Deputies approved legislation to make 066 the official number.

Now with using 911 as the Mexico's emergency number; the existing emergency numbers will be required to migrate to it.

New App Takes the Guesswork Out of Crossing

New App Takes the Guesswork Out of Crossing the Borders
Download now from the App Store or Google Play Store10% of profits will be donated to Tijuana orphanages.

Source: Baja Blund - July 2016’s one-of-a-kind mobile app gives travelers what no other source can – reliable, up-to-the-minute, comprehensive video coverage of the San Ysidro and Otay Mesa ports of entry that lets them easily choose when and where to cross and which lane to use to save the most time. To help travelers less familiar with the crossings, video analytics are used to generate exclusive AccuWait time estimates in hours/minutes.

Over 300,000 people per month trust as the only accurate source of 24/7 information about Tijuana’s two crossings. When they began clamoring for an app, company president, Greg Yova, determined to do things differently: “I get frustrated with apps that seem like they’re made to show off how clever the designers are rather than actually doing what the user needs. So we asked our site users to help create our app. Through multiple surveys, they told us what they want and then helped us refine it.”

The result is a robust app with simpler navigation to higher quality videos and more views. Useful features have been added like Time My Crossing and My Favorite Videos which allows travelers to compare two different crossing options in mere seconds. My Alerts automatically contacts users when their preprogrammed criteria is met, e.g., “Notify me when the San Ysidro Ready Lane wait is less than 15 minutes.”

2016 Best of Baja NOMINATIONS Start...

Best of Baja 2016
The 10th Annual Best of Baja Nominations Start - Oct 1, 2016
We ask everyone to cast their nominations for who you think should be in the running  for the Best of Baja 2016.

Past years we have received OVER 1800+ nominations. To become a candidate is very simple. 

The top three candidates in a category have to receive a minimum of 5 unsolicited nominations. The person/business with the most nominations will be listed a category of the 2016 BEST OF BAJA voting.

Ancient Historical Sites in Baja California

Ancient cave paintings and imposing 17th-century missions dot the north of the peninsula

Beyond the beaches, Baja California’s interior is home to a number of places that tell the long and rich story of the area: from the cave paintings in Cataviñá to the missions that span the peninsula.

El Vallecito is perhaps one of the best places for seeing these amazing vestiges of civilization. Here, the area contains rocks painted with figures that depict human beings and, hidden in a cave, a representation of a devil whose eyes are lit up by the sun during the winter solstice.

Other places of similar interest are Las Pintas, San Fernando Velicatá, Cataviñá, Montevideo and Las Tinajitas. Stone-preserved houses and colorful paintings representing flora, fauna, lines and figures can all be found here.

Mexico’s Colima Volcano Eruption

By Hugo Delgado Granados
Thursday, October 13, 2016

On September 30, Mexico’s Colima volcano – the most active volcano in the country – became restless again, with lava spilling over the flanks of the mountain, numerous hot, small pyroclastic flows and sulphuric gases spewing from the crater.

In the days that followed, a plume of ash that rose 2,000 meters into the air could be seen from as far as 30 kilometers away. As a prevention measure, local authorities evacuated some 350 people from several villages west-northwest of the volcano, clearing out the path of its blowing ash trail.

Aeroméxico Receives Aztec God Quetzalcóatl

source: Radio Fórmula (sp), El Diario (sp) | Thursday, October 13, 2016

Aeroméxico receives Dreamliner 787-9, named for the Aztec god Quetzalcóatl
Mexico’s largest airline has taken delivery of its first Boeing Dreamliner 787-9, said to be the first in the history of aviation to bear a mural on its fuselage.

The aircraft, christened Quetzalcóatl after the Aztec god, touched down at the Mexico City airport where it will undergo preparations in readiness for serving Aeroméxico’s Mexico City-Madrid route. On arrival it was feted with a

The Baja Good Life Club Announces 10th Annual Best of Baja Awards



The Baja Good Life Club Announces 10th Annual Best of Baja Awards
Nominations are now being accepted for outstanding local businesses

OCTOBER 13, 2016 - The Baja Good Life Club is excited to announce that they are now accepting nominations for the 10th Annual Best of Baja Awards.

Nominations are being accepted from local individuals who want to see a business, person, or place recognized for offering outstanding experiences, services, and products. Nominations are being accepted in a wide range of categories, including bakery, dentists, hardware stores, real estate broker, restaurants, and more.

To become an official nominee, each entrant must receive at least 3 qualified nominations.

Last year, there were more than 1250 nominations and 11,000+ votes, and The Baja Good Life Club looks to have an even higher turnout for the 10th Annual Best of Baja Awards.

About The Baja Good Life Club

The Baja Good Life Club was launched in 2007 and continues to offer exclusive discounts, events, and activities for foreign residents of Baja California.


The Baja Good Life Club
Phone: 877-588-6391


 BAJA GOOD LIFE CLUB Join the Baja Good Life Club today and SAVE big on Baja! Get Mexican Auto Insurance for for as low as $84.00 / year.