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Do I Need to Import My Vehicle into Mexico?

Depending on your plans, you might need to import your car into Mexico. Whether it is permanent or temporary, the importation process has to follow the existing procedure implemented by the General Administration of Customs in Mexico (Aduana). Those who drive their vehicles within the border zone (roughly 12.50 miles/20 km. south of the border) do not have to worry about importation requirements. Additionally, The Free Trade Zone, which is all of Baja California, Baja California Sur and Sonora as far south as San Carlos/Guaymas are exempt from the importation process, meaning you do not have to import your vehicles if you are in or traveling in the above areas. However, foreigners who plan to go beyond San Carlos/Guaymas have to obtain an importation permit, temporary or permanent.

Stargazing at Sierra de San Pedro Mártir Observatory

The Sierra de San Pedro Mártir Observatory is part of the National Astronomical Observatory that is in turn operated by the National Autonomous University of Mexico. The history of the National Astronomical Observatory goes back to the 19th century when its first telescope was placed on the balcony of Chapultepec Castle, Mexico City. Over the centuries, this modest start gradually led to the facilities that exist today at the Sierra de San Pedro Mártir Observatory.
The three telescopes in Sierra de San Pedro Mártir came into existence once the previous location from Tonantzintla, Puebla became too polluted for astronomical studies. The first 0.84 m (33 in) telescope was built at the end of the 60s, and it was followed by a second 1.52 m (60 in) telescope in 1970. The 2.12 m (83 in) telescope was installed between 1974 and 1979, and it is today the largest optical telescope in Mexico. Apart from the three telescopes, the observatory facilities include a library, computer room, recreation areas, and cabins for staff and visiting astronomers.

South Dakota Auto Licensing: Out of State Registration

South Dakota Auto Licensing
Out of State Registration
By Jen Keehn - June 2015

South Dakota makes it easy for out-of-staters (and many expats) to attain plates without proof of insurance or the smog tests that many states require. Not only are plates easy and affordable to attain, but just as easy to renew.
The renewal fees for tags don’t cost much and don’t require proof of insurance or smog certification. If you've got a vehicle that doesn’t cross the border back to the US, there’s no reason to continue to hold US auto insurance just so you can get your tags renewed.

Mexican Wills - A Must Have for Expats

Mexican Wills - A “Must” for Anyone with Assets in Mexico

by Kristy Deegan / Originally published - May 22, 2010 / Updated 2016

If a spouse dies, and there are no children, the court will search for heirs for the spouse's 50 percent in the following order: parents, grandparents, siblings and cousins. If there are children, the court would rule equal percent to surviving spouse and children. If there were two sons, the two sons and the spouse would each get an equal part of the ownership.

In general, in the United States there is a right of survivor-ship when a death occurs. The United States law provides for a joint will for the married couple. Many married couples have a joint Will, living trust, family trust or the like. When one partner dies under these circumstances, the “property” (all belongings, homes, land, etc.) is passed on to the designated parties with relative ease.

Yet Mail, Etc. Mail Services

Yet Mail, Etc.
ffers MORE Than Just Mail Services

Yet Mail Etc. would like to remind you that if you get your FM3’s at the Mexican Consulate, you only have 30 days after it is stamped at the border to open an FM3 file at the Immigration office in San Felipe, or you will have to start the process all over again.
For FM2 renewals, immigration in San Felipe is asking for the last three copies of your bank statements and a Bank letter with the amount of $2,500 for two people or $1,600 for one person. For your FM3 and FM2, you need proof of address in San Felipe (electric, water, phone bill or property tax receipt), but they have to be under your name. You need to start your FM3 renewal at least three weeks before expiration date; after the due date, you will be fined.
Yet Mail is proud to offer these immigration services to you at very reasonable rates. They offer a no-worry service and are experienced in FM2 and FM3 Visa processing. In addition, they can assist you in setting up a Mexican corporation, provide legal assistance, legal contracts as well as translation services. A full-service copy center is also available on-site, as well as mailboxes for U.S. Mail delivery and UPS services. Yet Mail is not just a mail center; they are SO MUCH MORE! Stop in to get complete information about all the services they provide.
Yet Mail, Etc.
Ave. Mar de Cortez #1049
San Felipe, B.C.
Phone: 011-52-686-577-1253
email: or

English Spoken
Private Mail Services
Immigration Services

Daily Mail Pickup:
- Post Offices
- Heber
- Calexico

Mailing Address in US:
Your Name
P.O. Box 9019
Calexico, CA. 92232-9019

UPS Address and Fed-ex
Yet Mail, Etc./Your Name and PMB 12933
100 E 4th Street
Calexico, CA 92231-2739

Packages picked up and delivered from San Felipe. Please do not seal the package, as it will have to be opened for customs. 

Ave. Mar de Cortez #1049 next to “My Friend’s Closet” - San Felipe, B.C.
Phone: 011-52-686-577-1255

Other Services:
  • Pick up medicine at pharmacies in the USA 
  • Bank deposits in the U.S. 
  • We can pay your electric, water and telephone bill. 
  • Pay taxes, trust (Fideicomiso) in any Bank 
  • Property information, Contract for leasing or buying property 
  • Legal translations 
  • Mexican and American stamps 
  • Immigration Services
  • Including notary, Secretary of State apostilles anywhere in the USA. 
  • Consulting - real estate; marriages; relocation; contracts; etc. 
Any other pick up service, please ask for information.

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