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Seeds of Hope thanks to "El Campo en Nuestras Manos"

  "I'd rather garden than be the emperor of the world," and while this famous quote comes from the first president of the United States, I share his exact  stance on gardening... Gardening brings out the best attributes in mankind: hope, faith, and sharing.  As gardeners we hope that what we sow, we will reap. Faith that what what we reap will taste good and if our crops are plentiful, we share. 

2 feathery friends
  This week I was invited to attend an event sponsored by DIF (an organization that promotes services to women, infants, and children) held at the Municipio of Ensenada.  The lady in charge of DIF is the wife of President/Mayor of Ensenada Mr Novelo.  Every month they are holding sustainable living workshops like these for mostly women that live in the county of Ensenada.  Last month they gave each attendant 8 chickens and information on how to raise them for eggs and/or meat.  This month they gave out plenty of vegetable seeds along with the tools needed to start a small vegetable garden.

The workshop speaker mentioned that in his youth, his mother barely made ends meet with very little income, yet their dinner table was always bountiful with fresh ingredients.  This was in large part that she grew her own vegetables and was able to feed her entire family through sustainable gardening.  The organization he works for also helped co-sponsor the event, SAGARPA (the abbreviation loosely translate to Secretary of Agriculture, Game and Rural Fishing and Feed).

Cherry Tomato plant in a pot
These organization are looking to sponsor gardening clubs, farm raising small game (rabbits, goats, pigs, and lambs) and even local fisherman.  They want to help spread the word about sustainable living and encourage people to buy for locals.  Maybe you know someone who might benefit from this program or are interested in getting involved and starting a garden club at a local school or community are or even in your own home.  There are programs out there that can help.

For more information: contact local DIF office in your area.


These organizations are NOT affiliated with any political party nor enduring a political party.

Written by Liz Pedroza, you can usually find me helping someone in there garden or picking bugs out and feeding them to my chickens in my own garden.
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