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14th Annual San Felipe Folk Music Festival

14th Annual San Felipe Folk Music Festival Saturday - March 24, 2018, from 1pm till 4pm Location: La Palapa in El Dorado Ranch Tickets - ONLY $5.00 GET YOUR TICKETS Performances will feature acoustic folk, cowboy, blues and original music by some of the Southwest’s finest acoustic performers. Entertainers including:

Mike Falk is a multi-instrumentalist with a penchant for regional folk from around the world, especially old-time music of the Appalachians, bluegrass from Kentucky, dance music of Ireland, Scotland, Brittany, and the Celtic regions of Spain, oddly-metered music from the Balkans, and swing music from Texas. He plays mainly mandolin, clawhammer-style banjo, bouzouki, and tenor banjo. His day job involves building imaginary things in the air. (He’s a pure mathematician.)
Jesse Anderson is an accomplished guitarist and banjo player and a lively performer of old time tunes. He goes to work several times a week as a strolling cowboy singer on the Vintage Grand Canyon Railway, entertaining world travelers en-route to the Big Ditch. He raises blonde children and brown egg layers in the mountain town of Flagstaff, Arizona.
Big Bill Vernieu is an an encyclopedic knowledge of bluegrass and western songs and is a master of the mandolin. Tickets - ONLY $5.00 GET YOUR TICKETS

Steve Lord a few performers have the staying power of San Felipe’s own Steve Lord. He learned the ropes while running a coffeehouse during the folk scare of the 60’s. He has been an advocate for and promoter of folk music for at least six decades. Equally at home with a five string banjo, a twelve string guitar or an auto harp he has literally sailed the seven seas to collect his songs and he will bring forth a belly laugh with one verse and a tear with the next.
Canyon Willis-Green is a young guitarist of great talent and focus who delivers tasty country blues, crisp bluegrass rags and classic tunes from the Grateful Dead. It’s reassuring to hear that old magic of a boy and his guitar.


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