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2019 Baja Blues Tour

2019 Baja Blues Against Hunger Tour
January 29, 2019 to February 13, 2019

An experience of a lifetime from San Felipe Baja California, at the northern apex of the Gulf of California to Land's End at Cabo San Lucas, where the Gulf and the Pacific collide. Whether you're are a music lover, musician, or adventure traveler this is for you. Truly a magical musical experience.

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The 2019 Baja winter season is Bluestastic! We are hosting a Baja Blues Tour An adventure caravan down the Baja from San Felipe to Cabo San Lucas. It is a 16-day tour that includes 7+ concerts, four 300-year-old Spanish Missions, the Tin Church built by French architect Gustave Eiffel, Baja whale watching (optional tour), incredible natural Baja landscapes, unbelievable secret coves and so much more. JOIN THE BAJA TOUR being hosted by Blues Against Hunger and Baja Good Life Club. The goal of the tour is to share the passion of blues, feed the hungry, and see and explore the amazing history and beauty of Baja. So, we want to encourage EVERYONE that has not seen the Baja to join the tour.

You can "come-along" for FREE - just follow us (you take care of everything) or we can take care of everything; booking the hotels. Come any way you can; pack your car or saddle the horse or join the Party Van!. Whether you love blues, would love to see the entire Baja Peninsula, or just love to travel and meet new people, then we encourage you to join us and tell everyone else to join us too. We are going to share in the musical trip of a lifetime, and help those in need, while meeting new friends you'll have forever.

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