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New Baja Temptations

By Misty Tosh
source: Baja Bound Updated: Oct 17, 2018 12:24 PM

Truly, the joy of driving the entirety of Baja multiple times a year is due in part to the profound change that continues to happen up and down the peninsula. It could be as something as astonishing as a tiny outpost along Highway 1 finally getting a much needed gas station and bustling mini market (Hello, Catavina, welcome to the 21st century!) or a beautiful old building being turned into an unexpected gastronomic epicenter (YES! Opening in Los Barriles in November). I just spent six glorious weeks peeking around all the corners and through all the doors down South, exploring it all and relishing in each new find. As they say…innovate or collapse. And, it seems to me, Baja is 100% on the innovation train.

Experience The Baja!

A road trip down Baja is a great excitement on its own. If you add some music and fun activities along with a chance to visit some exotic locales, it would be the perfect icing on the cake. Anyone would love to go on such an adventure. There are many amazing and unique places in the world. Some of them could be exhilarating, to say the least. The Baja Peninsula is one such locale. Do you want to go? Now is your chance to join the adventure of a lifetime The Baja Blues Tour. You will cherish this experience forever. Book Your Ticket or Join the Tour -

The Baja Peninsula separates the Pacific Ocean from the Gulf of California. The peninsula is the land of vast deserts and mountains, untouched coastlines, volcanoes, both ancient and historic landmarks, and other exquisite scenic spots. The Baja Blues Against Hunger Tour can take you on this exciting trip right down the peninsula, where you can experience (one of the only places in the world) the Baja gray whales.

BGLC DISCOUNT - San Felipe Brewing Company

San Felipe Brewing Company - San Felipe BC
Discount: Happy Hour Price All Hours

Craft beer available in San Felipe at the San Felipe Brewing Company operated by two long-time residents of San Felipe, Joe and Scott. They currently have many beers to choose from including a few guest taps and of course their very own San Felipe Brewing Co. selections. The San Felipe Brewing Co. opened the doors in March 2018.

Tipping The Right Way

Living in Baja California has taught me that purchasing things from street tacos to hotel rooms cost about the same if not more than in California. Tipping can become a little much; tipping each and every person that helps throughout the day. At the gas station, tip the gas attendant. Grocery shop, tip the bagger then outside tip the shopping cart pusher, and maybe the parking helper guy blowing the whistle. With the dollar to peso ratio changing, so does the price of nearly every product on the market. Yet the salary wages remained the same.  So these service providers do count a lot on the tips given to them.

BGLC DISCOUNT - The Road Runner Cafe

The Road Runner Cafe - San Felipe, B.C
BGLC Member Discount: 15% off on Tuesdays

Fantastic BREAKFAST and lunch. American Style with generous portions of home-style cooking at it's best. The Eggs Benedict are high on our list of favorites or try a great meatloaf for a hearty lunch with a cup of homemade soup.

Mosquito Prevention Tips

Mosquito Prevention Tips

The mosquito Baja's has here is "aedes aegypti" it is the one that can carry dengue if there is an outbreak. It has some traits that should not allow it to be here, it needs moisture, its range is very short, 400 meters is a long range and the typical is 50-100 meters of the site of the emergency. We can speculate generally they go back to this location in a desert with rain to lay the eggs. Lifespan as short as one week but an average of 2 weeks. So you know the breeding location is nearby.

In a desert where we have no rain for 9 months this rules out many locations that tropical areas have problems with. In general, refrigerator or air conditioner pans should be inspected. If someone has a water storage tank that is open this is a prime location, a neighbor who has a pool that is not maintained, any kind of birdbath, animal bowls, plant pots that are overflowed with water, construction sites where they fill barrels of water (these should be emptied about every 5 days) and the one that is the main culprit down here is septic and house vents.

BGLC DISCOUNT - Los Amigos Restaurant Bar

Los Amigos Restaurant Bar
DISCOUNT: 10% off your meal

A great place for Live music, Dancing, Karaoke, Drinks & Yummy Food. You can find the green building across the street from La Jolla del Mar on Blvd. Popotla. with street parking and secure lot parking. Los Amigos serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee and drinks.

Positive Effects of Beach Walking

by Naomi Black - Published by Baja Good Life Club 2008

There is nothing in the world quite like a walk on the beach to energize your spirit, organize your thoughts and give your body an enjoyable workout. Bare feet sinking into the soft, wet and sun-warmed sand can be a form of exercise that is invigorating and therapeutic.
The massaging effect of walking barefoot on a soft sandy beach has been proven to have major health benefits. Walking barefoot relaxes your soul while putting your mind at ease. But not only that, walking barefoot may prevent varicose veins due to the fact that the natural motion of the foot, unrestricted by shoes, allows for much better circulation of blood in the legs. Your muscles and tendons will work harder as your foot moves to shape itself into the sand on each step. Prevention Magazine, in its July 2008 issue,

BGLC DISCOUNT - Hotel Los Pescadores

BGLC DISCOUNT - Hotel Los Pescadores
Los Barriles, BCS Mexico

Hotel Los Pescadores is situated in an ideal setting to truly enjoy the Baja experience. The hotel is located just north of Los Barriles, a charming pueblo that remains slowed paced. A place that people can still get away, without the hassle of a big city resort. Hotel Los Pescadores has 8 beautiful rooms, all of which have 2 queen beds, a/c, refrigerator, and coffee maker. The hotel also has a cantina, restaurant, and pool in the courtyard. The Hotel staff and fishing captains are all very attentive to clients, assisting with tours, fishing charters, or a relaxing day by the pool.

The Return of the Giants

“Manta Mania” – The Return of the Giants
Oceanic giant manta rays return to La Paz following a 15-year absence.

By Jay D. Gittens
source: Baja Bound Insurance

I remember the excitement of the moment very well. Scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed, I stumble across the post of an acquaintance who stated that several oceanic giant manta rays (Mobula birostris) had been encountered at a rocky islet called “La Reina” which lies just off the northern-tip of Isla Cerralvo, which, itself, lies off the coast of La Paz. Although there had been several infrequent sightings of these mantas over the years, there had not been a report of an actual aggregation, which, in biological terms, is defined as when two or more individuals of the same species come together for a common cause such as feeding or breeding. But 15 years later, here they are once again and the big question on our minds of course is “why?”

Plan A Dream Getaway to La Paz

Costa Baja Resort on the Sea of Cortez
By Richard Atkins

When planning your dream getaway, don’t shy away from Mexico because of safety concerns. At least not in Baja California Sur, which is located at the southern half of the Baja Peninsula. This area is free from the perceived danger travelers might have of Mexico. In fact, it’s one of the most beautiful places on the planet. The most convenient way to get there is to fly into Cabo, then rent a car for the two-hour drive north to La Paz. You may think, “Why do I have to drive two hours to get to my destination?” The answer: The Costa Baja Resort is a five star luxury destination that won’t set your pocketbook back thousands like Cabo, and on your way, you can stop off at a quaint little town called Todos Santos and have a tasty lunch, a cold beer, pick up some colorful, painted pottery or a Mexican rug and visit the famed Hotel California where Don Henley apparently received inspiration to write his song. Everything is true except the Don Henley connection. The rumor was started years ago to bring tourism to this small, relatively unknown town between Cabo and La Paz. And, in grand public relations style, it worked! Todos Santos is a thriving tourist attraction where you can spend a couple of leisurely hours and really enjoy yourself!

Baja Telephone Dialing Instructions

Mexico City: (011) 52-55, + the 8-digit telephone number.
Guadalajara: (011) 52-33, + the 8-digit telephone number.
Tijuana: (011) 52-664, + the 7-digit telephone number.

USA to MX Cell Phone: 011+52+1+Area Code+(Tel #)
USA to MX Landline: 011+52+Area Code+(Tel #)
MX to USA or Canada: 001+Area Code+(Tel #)
MX Landline to MX Cell Phone: 045 or 044+Area Code+(Tel #)
MX Cell Phone to MX Landline: Area Code+(Tel #)

Snakes of Baja

Baja California rattlesnake
Crotalus enyo enyo)
by Karri Moser
Snakes, like most people, know Baja is a great place to be and they certainly have no reason to leave. With these serpents still roaming the land, they are bound to cross paths with us at certain times. Luckily in most cases, an actual snake bite almost never results in serious harm or death. In fact, in the United States, over 45,000 people are bitten each year. Only 8,000 of those bites are poisonous and only 9 to 15 of those causing death. Despite the low chance of ever being bit or dying from a bite, the thought does strike fear in the hearts of even the toughest traveler or Baja resident. It is lucky for us humans that the old adagethey are more afraid us than we are of themproves to be true.