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The Return of the Giants

“Manta Mania” – The Return of the Giants
Oceanic giant manta rays return to La Paz following a 15-year absence.

By Jay D. Gittens
source: Baja Bound Insurance

I remember the excitement of the moment very well. Scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed, I stumble across the post of an acquaintance who stated that several oceanic giant manta rays (Mobula birostris) had been encountered at a rocky islet called “La Reina” which lies just off the northern-tip of Isla Cerralvo, which, itself, lies off the coast of La Paz. Although there had been several infrequent sightings of these mantas over the years, there had not been a report of an actual aggregation, which, in biological terms, is defined as when two or more individuals of the same species come together for a common cause such as feeding or breeding. But 15 years later, here they are once again and the big question on our minds of course is “why?”

Plan A Dream Getaway to La Paz

Costa Baja Resort on the Sea of Cortez
By Richard Atkins

When planning your dream getaway, don’t shy away from Mexico because of safety concerns. At least not in Baja California Sur, which is located at the southern half of the Baja Peninsula. This area is free from the perceived danger travelers might have of Mexico. In fact, it’s one of the most beautiful places on the planet. The most convenient way to get there is to fly into Cabo, then rent a car for the two-hour drive north to La Paz. You may think, “Why do I have to drive two hours to get to my destination?” The answer: The Costa Baja Resort is a five star luxury destination that won’t set your pocketbook back thousands like Cabo, and on your way, you can stop off at a quaint little town called Todos Santos and have a tasty lunch, a cold beer, pick up some colorful, painted pottery or a Mexican rug and visit the famed Hotel California where Don Henley apparently received inspiration to write his song. Everything is true except the Don Henley connection. The rumor was started years ago to bring tourism to this small, relatively unknown town between Cabo and La Paz. And, in grand public relations style, it worked! Todos Santos is a thriving tourist attraction where you can spend a couple of leisurely hours and really enjoy yourself!

Baja Telephone Dialing Instructions

Mexico City: (011) 52-55, + the 8-digit telephone number.
Guadalajara: (011) 52-33, + the 8-digit telephone number.
Tijuana: (011) 52-664, + the 7-digit telephone number.

USA to MX Cell Phone: 011+52+1+Area Code+(Tel #)
USA to MX Landline: 011+52+Area Code+(Tel #)
MX to USA or Canada: 001+Area Code+(Tel #)
MX Landline to MX Cell Phone: 045 or 044+Area Code+(Tel #)
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