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A discount and travel club dedicated to enhancing the lives of foreign residents of Baja California through BIG Baja savings, fun and friendship; by providing exclusive discounts, events and activities.

The Baja Good Life Club has been publishing and promoting Baja California since February 2007. With many original articles by great Baja journalists, columnists and bloggers. This site " BGLC NEWS contains over 2000 articles (and growing) related to Baja, all of which are optimized and indexed by Google and other search engines. More info - Email Us!

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'Baja Report' Monthly eNewsletter - The Baja Report is an online publication of the Baja Good Life Club. Sent via email to all BGL Club readers that love Baja and all that it has to offer.  The Baja Report is seen more than 10,000 individuals every month.

Published - Monthly
Publication Deadlines - 15th of each month
Readers - 2000+ per edition (always growing)

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